Martin Luther King III and Ambassador Andrew Young announced that Bounce TV,
the first-ever over-the-air broadcast television network for African-American audiences, is on
the air.

As of "September 26,2011 this is an important milestone as we launch the first-ever
independently owned and operated broadcast television network featuring African
Americans," said Mr. King III.

Our network will deliver free programming for our vastly under-served community and be
accessible free, to all homes. We look forward to Bounce TV entertaining African American
viewers, and frankly all Americans, for many years to come," commented Ambassador
 MLK III and Ambassador Young are part of Bounce TV's Founding Group and Board
of Directors. Bounce TV is majority owned and operated by African Americans.

Pace Entertainment Group is officially accepting advertisers for the launch station. Pace has
announced that commercial rates will be available through his agency negotiations as low as
$50-$100 per spot. Pace Entertainment Group is responsible for local and national
commercial sponsorships, large capital gain revenue and stage
play and movie funding.
For more information call 832-885-7223.