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New York City
Pace Entertainment Group has been collecting the email address from opt-in
customers online and at the many events across the country that we produce.  
Today our international  network covers more than 600,000 email customers
nationwide. Each individual email blast is sent out target specific as a stand alone
advertisement. The average city wide eblast consist of an average viewer to only
263,000 in a selected city or demographic area.   
Event fliers are placed on this
Free of charge to assist you with gaining popularity views on a weekly
basis.  Our website receives more than 900,000 visitors a month. Our target
stand-alone eblast is available to you and will guarantee viewers and results over a
stand-alone campaign. .Contact us to post your event
Free of Charge or for
more information on
E-Blasting your event.
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What Visitor # are you to "LIKE THIS" PAGE
Be guaranteed to be seen. Use Pace to advertise your event.

It is my sincere appreciation and privilege that I am able to be associated with
such a fine group of customers.  As Pace Entertainment Group has expanded over the years, we
have taken great pride in treating each event as though it is our own, to include dignity, sound
advice, and leading edge opportunities to make each event bigger and better each time.
We destroy original graphic designs after each event to ensure that no design is ever duplicated.  

Ask us about renting or donating our Giant! Outdoor Theatre Rentals for your event. Many
organizations are using our free Grant Money program to purchase some products and services.
We create everything you see on our site. Full color event banners, tickets, wristbands,
posters,fliers and event planning partnerships. Again, thank you for doing business with us.
Stop by our office Mon-Thurs. 7am-4pm or by appointment.
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