Famous Harlem All Star Legends

Reggie “Air Man” Dixon, a former member of the world-renowned Harlem
dreamed of one day becoming a professional basketball

Reggie fulfilled his dream of playing professional basketball for
11 years
with The Harlem Globetrotters
.  He was the Head Coach for his remaining
two years and he was honored to make a little history as the
head coach in Globetrotter History
.  Mr. Dixon has traveled extensively
around the globe.  With more than 40 countries under his belt, he has
sipped tea with Mother Teresa and the late Princess Diana.  He has
spoken on the same program with Colin Powell, shook Pope John Paul’s

He has played for and celebrated Nelson Mandela’s 78th and 79th
birthday’s as a
Original Harlem Globetrotter respectively in Cape Town
South Africa.

Mr. Dixon has received a numerous amount of awards including the
NAACP/Urban Scholarship Program Award and the Centuries of Triumph
Award to name a few.  He is a board member of Saving Lives Through
Alternate Options, a
member of the National Basketball Retired Players
(NBA, WNBA, ABA & Harlem Globetrotters), he composed the
team that purchased the Houston Comets and he has been recognized
at the Texas State Capital by
State Representative Garnet Coleman.  He
was a participant at
Congress woman Shelia Jackson-Lee’s Christmas for
, Former Mayor Lee Brown’s Help Keep Houston Clean and Former
Councilman Gordan Quan’s Christmas Celebration for the Senior
Citizens.  As a result of Reggie’s tireless efforts and excellent work in
the community, in October 2003, The
Federal Bureau of Investigations
(FBI) honored
Reggie with the Prestigious Directors Community
Leadership Award. He was also the very
first Harlem Globetrotter to
receive the Legacy Loyalty and Pride Award and he was a participant of
Harlem Globetrotters induction into the Basketball Hall of Fame.   
Reggie has a wonderful relationship with the Boys and Girls Club.  He
has been a faithful and diligent employee during his (7) year tenure.  He
has implemented programs and developed the programs to assist
families and schools to enable them to come together as a community.
This team came together after each member completed
retired playing  for the Original Harlem
. Pace Entertainment nor the current team
is actively affiliated with the Harlem Globetrotters.
The team is dedicated to providing uplifting professional
yet  magical comics on the basketball court while
educating youth, young adults and audiences of all ages
on the skills of good sportsmanship conduct while
having a really good family show.  
The game is directed by Reggie “Air Man” Dixon, a
former member of the world-renowned Harlem
Globetrotters and Presented by Houston owned
Pace Entertainment Group, LLC™
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